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Vision: To provide a high level of education that empowers individuals to become caring, competent, responsible citizens who value education and life long learning.

Mission: Educating youth through academics, values and a caring school.

Read About Montmartre School:

Montmartre is located an hour’s drive southeast of Regina on the 48 highway. Twenty-four people are employed at Montmartre School, a Kindergarten to grade twelve building, servicing the needs of 190 students. There are many advantages to having a Kindergarten to twelve school, the biggest benefit being that having so many different age groups together provides a more “family” atmosphere. Naturally, the older students act as role models to the younger students. Also, Montmartre School is an integrating school, which means that it provides special teaching to kids with disabilities. Having students with disabilities in the school makes the students more understanding and accepting.

The school offers a variety of sports such as volleyball, badminton, curling, golf, track and field and touch football. It also offers a variety of activities such as drama club, video club, yearbook and craft club. During the year, guest speakers, spirit days, cultural days and field trips make the experience more interesting for the students.

Our school is connected to the community with mentoring and work experience programs and our students make an effort to volunteer in community projects and activities wherever possible.

Montmartre school displays leadership and determination. The staff and students of Montmartre School are a strong bunch and are always up to a challenge, whether it is helping out around the community or being a “reading buddy” to a grade one student. We are students at Montmartre and could not be more proud of our small school because we exemplify hard work, respect and enthusiasm. Montmartre is a humble school, expressing true grit and fervor to remain vibrant.

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Principal : Cheryl Blomquist
Vice Principal : Rod Stevenson
Secretary : Brenda Schneider

Box 300, Montmartre SK. SOG 3M0
Phone : 306-424-2242
Fax : 306-424-2090

E-mail: montmartreschool@pvsd.ca

Web: Click here

Montmartre School belongs to the Prairie Valley School Division : Learn about the division and the services provided by visiting their website here : www.pvsd.ca